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Quick Details
Product Type:
Aramid Fiber
100% Para Aramid
Protective Apparel
Place of Origin:
South Korea
Fineness: 840D-3000D:


high tensile strength
high modulus
high temperature resistance

Product Characteristics

  • High tensile strength: the ratio be approx. 3 times of steel and 4 times of high tenacity polyester fiber.
  • High modulus: 4 - 10 times of polyester fiber and more than 10 times of PA fiber.
  • High temperature resistance: the high tensile strength still be kept under high temperature, e.g. at the temperature of 260°c, more than 65% of original tensile strength remains.
  • Low density, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, and excellent non-conductivity, etc.


Main applications:

  • Protective material: e.g. ballistic laminate for tank vehicle, armored vehicle and aircraft, helmet, bulletproof clothing, etc.
  • Reinforcement material for any part of tyre, including the case, belt and cap ply of radial tyre, etc. even for tyre bead accompanied with resin as the substitution of steel wire.
  • Heat resistance product: most suitable for micro-sized printed circuit board of cell phone, etc. 
  • Rope and cable: for millitary destroyer, aircraft carrier and helicopter with surviving task, etc.


Technical Information:


 Type A para-aramid fiberType B para-aramid fiber
Fiber Denier, D1500±152250±22
Tensile Strength, g/d21±1.521±1.5 
Modulus, g/d 510±40 510±40  
Elongation at Break, % ~3.6 ~3.6  
HASR, % ≥82 ≥82  
Pin Drop, cm 10±6 10±6  
Yarn Finishing Agent Content, % 1.0±0.3 1.0±0.3  
Total Salt Content, % 0.7±0.3 0.7±0.3  
Water Content, % 10±2 10±2  


Application Instruction and Notice:


Avoid being exposed directly to sunlight for long time when in usage due to fiber aging and lifetime reduction.


Packaging, Storage and Transportation:


This product should be stored with light avoidance in dry environment. The fiber is winded and finished as bobbin which packaged with black plastics bag and weighed 15kg/bobbin.